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Welcome to Fuji Footwear

1 years ago  

Stepping into the market in the beginning of 2019 in Dhaka with a slogan “Innovating & relaxation ” through nationwide distribution network with a clear vision to be number one shoe brand in the country, where the customer will experience unique shopping experience in terms of product, quality and service.
Fuji Footwear is structured with all logical departments headed by skilled professionals from a leading footwear multinational company from overseas with a high level of experiences and exposures in the field.

We produce TPR, EVA sole and upper inbound, with state of art modern machineries in hygienic atmosphere.

How do Fuji Footwea Work?
Fuji Footwea is an expert

Start Right Now!
Please check our website for special price we offer on our expert footweac design and prepress services from time to time. Contact Us Today! We will keep no stone unturned to inform you our working procedure.

The offshore services of A Fuji footwea include:

  1. BKLS Trade International
  2. BKLS Latest Products
TPR Sole Mold with Hight Quality

Fashion Sandals Shoes

Fashion Shoes Sandals

Fashion Sandals Shoes

Beach Sandals

Beach sandal man

Beach sandal

Beach sandal man